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Stories of Sustainable Peace

Below are some of the many amazing stories that have resulted from the work of the Institute and ROM. Click on the pictures below to read more.


Practical Peace Building in Houston

On April 9, 2013, the Reverend William A. Lawson, founding pastor of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, shared the true story of how Houston achieved "practical peace building" in a time of trouble.


Peacebuilding Breakthrough in Darfur

Makki’s peacebuilding efforts have moved previously warring tribes and displaced members of his village in Darfur toward reconciliation and lasting peace.


Bringing Peace Into the Classroom

During a young leader's conference in Colorado, Laura experienced a unity she never thought possible.


Change From Within Sparks Forgiveness

One participant visualizes the idea of a united and peaceful Sudan for the first time.


An Unlikely Friendship

Despite many reasons to harbor anger and ill will towards the people of northern Sudan, Gafar has made a meaningful connection.


Turning Youth Away from Violence

Akol is a force for good in his nation's cattle camps, where he persuades armed youth to stop killing, reconcile and work to understand each other.


Cooperation Yields a Community Center

Inspired by an ISP workshop, Wai has developed a Sudanese American Youth Center in his community.

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