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What We Do

"What I learned at the workshop has influenced almost everything I do in my life."

"I realized that, whatever kind of harm the victims were subjected to, forgiveness must be given to the perpetrators in order for true healing to occur."

"Now I understand that the past negative thoughts I had about other Sudanese ethnic groups are false and unrealistic."

"For me to even have a long dialogue with someone from South Sudan is a kind of achievement, and I am grateful for it."


Transformational Leadership Workshops

Since 2007, ISP has been conducting Transformational Leadership Workshops in various cities in the United States for leaders from the Sudanese Diaspora, Sudan, and South Sudan. Our 300-plus participants, representing every region of Sudan and South Sudan, have been human rights activists, directors of NGOs, journalists, political leaders, lawyers, university professors, physicians, engineers, former rebel soldiers, psychologists, university students, foreign service officers, and a UN ambassador.


Our faculty has been multi-disciplinary and cross-sector. Instructors and facilitators have included former ambassadors, a former U.S. senator, university professors, business executives, a former partner in an international law firm and accomplished mediator, non-profit CEOs, and the retired head of organizational and tgelent development for a major corporation.


Topics and learning modules in the workshops have included: Identifying Personal & Leadership Values, Servant Leadership, Ethical Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Relational Maturity, Conflict Transformation, Systems Thinking, Strategic Thinking, Scenario: Imagining Plausible Futures, Appreciative Inquiry, Leading Change, The Art of Dialogue, and Self-management. Participants spent the majority of their time practicing skills as they were introduced, and engaging in critical reflection.


Many of the graduates of our Transformational Leadership Workshops have returned to South Sudan to lead NGOs, serve in the National Legislative Assembly of South Sudan and the state and national government of Sudan. Some returned to Sudan and are heading NGOs, teaching in universities, and leading oppositional political parties. One of our graduates initiated a peace project in Darfur that resulted in the reconciliation of leaders of the Bin Mansur and Fur tribes and the creation of an inter-tribal working group dedicated to rebuilding the Market in El Malam that was destroyed in the war.


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