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What We Do

What is the mission of The Institute for Sustainable Peace?

Our mission is to build capacity of diverse leaders to work together for the public good.


ISP Overview

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to build the capacity of diverse leaders to work together for the public good.

Programs and Projects

Transformational Leadership Workshops

The ISP team has designed and led 15 Transformational Leadership Workshops for more than 200 activists and leaders from Sudan, Darfur, and South Sudan.  Our crowning project is a seven to nine day workshop that brings leaders of groups in conflict together for an intense transformational experience. The program aims to achieve simultaneous personal and group transformation that culminates in reconciliation, combined with dialogue skills that will foster future cooperation. This workshop is also available as a series of weekend retreats and a video training series.

Interfaith Dialogue Programs

Over the years, The Institute has facilitated a number of local dialogues. Two of our more prominent programs include the Jewish-Muslim dialogue series and an evening Café Dialogue among more than 100 Christian, Jewish, and Muslim men and women in the Houston area. The Jewish-Muslim dialogue series, which began in 2007, has grown, and now also includes Christians. Members meet regularly to discover common values, build bridges of understanding, address tough issues, and foster initiatives to deepen the understanding among their communities and to propose solutions to some of the intractable problems.

Connecting Communities

This local project brought together dozens of diverse local community leaders from four major demographic groups (Anglo, Latino, African-American and Asian) to address how to assure that Houston makes a successful transition to an inclusive, equitable, united multi-ethnic society in the coming decades.

Brief History

Founded in January, 2007, The Institute for Sustainable Peace grew out of founder Randall Butler’s experiences helping to build peace and reconcile communities in the former Yugoslavia. A longtime attorney-mediator in Houston, Butler served as a teacher/facilitator for a project that gathered young leaders from all countries, ethnicities, and religions in southeast Europe and worked with them to break the cycle of violence in this volatile region.  Butler’s experience with this project led him to recognize that there were few action-oriented, on-the-ground efforts to put well-researched academic principles into practice within communities in conflict. Supported by a circle of Senior Fellows – leaders in the academic, government, business, and nonprofit worlds – Butler launched the Institute for Sustainable Peace to provide a practical path to peace. The Institute combines a solid foundation in the theories of peace building with skill-building, coaching, and transformational learning for community leaders.

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