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ISP C3 Performance

C3Performance is the consulting arm of The Institute for Sustainable Peace (ISP). It was formed out of ISP’s leadership capacity building work that brought together more than 500 young adults from all ethnic groups in the Balkans and more than 200 activists and leaders from all tribes and regions of Sudan, South Sudan, including Darfur.  

Our team draws on a combined 130+ years of experience in talent development, organizational development, collaborative team building, and transformational leadership development.

C3Performance offers a variety of training and educational opportunities focused on developing transformative leaders, managing and resolving conflicts, and convening highly effective community conversations and collaborations.  Examples are described below

The Leadership Acceleration Program targets Millennials and those tasked with leading them.  The curriculum for our experiential learning program is built around three units: Leading Self, Leading Teams, and Leading in the Community.  We utilize diverse learning strategies and executive coaching focused on accelerating specific competencies.

Seminars & Workshops being planned in 2015 will likely include:

  • Constructive Conflict Management.  The ability to constructively resolve inter-group and interpersonal conflicts while maintaining good working relationships is a vital leadership skill.  This interactive course will take participants beyond fight or flight and equip them with skills and tools that they can apply in your interactions at the office, in their community, and at home.
  • Principled Negotiation. Based on the work of the Harvard Negotiation Project and three texts: “Getting to Yes,” “Getting Together,” and “Beyond Machiavelli” by Roger Fisher, et al.  Participants will learn how to resolve and manage conflict by negotiating agreements that serve interests of all parties to the conflict. The ability to engage in principled negotiation is a skill set that is vital to a peaceable community.
  • Convening Conversations On Subjects That Really Matter.  This highly interactive workshop will focus on the art and the science of creating and holding relational spaces of safety and possibility.  Participants will learn how to foster communication that builds bridges of understanding across differences.  They will learn how to model dialogue that builds empathy and develops strong interpersonal connections.

Are you interested in participating? Please give us your contact information to assure that you receive our scheduling announcements.  You may register with us by clicking on Contact Us.

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