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Inspired Practical Peace Building

The Reverend William A. Lawson, founding pastor of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, shared the true story of how Houston accomplished “practical peace building” in a time of trouble.


I am bringing peace to my home.


I convince youth to stop killing

Few places in the world are as full of desperation and violence as Sudan today. Years of civil war and ruthless genocide have cost hundreds of thousands of lives and have displaced even more.


I have learned to forgive.

Positive change for a country or culture can begin with one individual. Confronting one's personal grievances can lead to renewed trust and understanding.


I engage the opposition

Uniting groups that have a history of conflict is at the heart of our organization's mission.


I changed my community

Big things can happen when diverse groups work together to achieve common goals.


Our mission is to build the capacity of diverse leaders to work together for the public good.

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